1960 Jaguar E Type

1960 jaguar e type

1960 jaguar e type

The 1960 jaguar e type was a time of change, and the Jaguar E-Type helped lead that charge. When it debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1961, it caused a sensation and became one of the most iconic sports cars ever built. It’s also a pretty car to behold, and the original Coupe and Roadster are unmistakable from any angle.

When the E-Type was first revealed on 15 March 1961 it sparked a storm of excitement. But it almost didn’t happen. Jaguar was eager for the press to road test the car before Geneva, so PR man Bob Berry drove it flat-out from Coventry to Switzerland – arriving 20 minutes before the covers were lifted. Founder Sir William Lyons is said to have exclaimed, “Good God, Berry!”

Jaguar in the ’70s: Evolution and Innovations of a Luxury Brand

Heavily influenced by airplane design, the E-Type had a pointed front end and streamlined back, with a low roofline. The car was a svelte, purposeful looking machine with unrivalled beauty.

Initially powered by a 3.8-liter XK inline six-cylinder engine, the car was later updated with a bigger 4.2-liter unit that offered a bit more power and acceleration. It was a popular update that lasted all 13 years of production until the Series 3 model switched to a V12 engine.

The E-Type’s 265bhp engine makes it a delight to drive, whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a hardened racer. It’s a car that enhances your driving rather than imposes on you, and that’s why it’s so beloved.

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