Boiler Installation Kent – What You Need to Know

boiler installation kent

When the winter chill sets in, boiler installation kent is critical for keeping your home warm and comfortable. It’s important to ensure your heating system is properly installed, as incorrect or DIY installation can lead to energy loss, costly repairs, and inefficient operation. Go here

A combi boiler delivers both hot water and central heating in one unit – perfect for smaller homes. They don’t require a hot water cylinder or storage tank in the loft and are very efficient with both energy and space.

Preventive Maintenance for a Hassle-Free Home: Understanding Plumbing & Heating Services”

A powerflush clears sludge and debris from the heating system, helping it to run more efficiently and reduce energy bills. It’s often recommended prior to a new boiler installation, as well as for existing systems that have not been serviced in a while. We work with the leading brands such as fernox and norstorm to provide the highest quality powerflush service.

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