Bullet Liner – The Ultimate Spray on Polyurea Protection

Bullet Liner

Bullet Liner is the premier spray on polyurea protective coating system. Developed by Burtin Polymer Labs, the team that started the whole spray-on bed liner industry, Bullet Liner is the toughest and most durable protection in the world. It’s a permanent spray-on protection that’s built to protect against rust, corrosion, water damage and other abrasions. It’s perfect for truck beds, trailer floors and open vehicles like utility trucks and big rigs. It’s also great for boats and other marine equipment, recreational vehicles, speaker boxes and playground equipment.

Our sprayed-on protection keeps your pickup or Jeep/ATV/RV looking newer and better. It’s easy to clean and helps minimize all forms of surface damage from out on the trails or in everyday use. It’s no wonder why it’s the choice for race and chase vehicles in the prestigious Baja 1000.

Experience Superior Quality: Why Bullet Liner Stands Out in the Industry

Bullet Liner is sprayed at the factory where your truck was built and is available in all colors including custom matched paint. This allows you to keep the original look of your vehicle and can save you money compared to replacing your truck with a brand-new one with no spray in bed liner. It also gives your truck a much more rugged and custom look which increases it’s value. If you want to order a truck with a bed liner that has been sprayed in the bed, be sure to ask your dealer. They may charge extra to do this since it is not a standard feature on their trucks.

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