Global Talent Stream

Global Stream (GST) is still among the many streams of Canada’s temporary foreign worker program (TEP). It aims to pool skilled workers from various countries who have been performing on a high standard and have the necessary skills in Canada. When applying for the program, you will be evaluated by a panel of experts in order for you to be accepted into the pool. The application is divided into two parts: a global side and a local side. The global program is meant for workers from the global occupational field while the local program caters to the needs of the workers in Canada.

A Way to Hire More Permanent Residents in Canada

When applying for Global Talent Stream, the applicant must prove that he or she possesses the necessary work experience and the needed skills such as knowledge of the English language and one’s familiarity and use of Canada’s mandatory language requirements. This is done by submitting the relevant documents to the HR department of the Province of Ontario. Applicants who do not posses these requirements will be disqualified on the grounds that they do not posses the necessary work experience. Upon acceptance to the pool of participants, applicants will be subjected to a rigorous evaluation process consisting of a written evaluation and a skills assessment. Only after the evaluation and assessment are considered, the most suitable candidate will be chosen and invited to participate in the Global Talent Stream. Once the participant has finished the program, he or she will be issued a work permit which is valid for a specified period of time which varies from three months up to one year.

The aim of Global Talent Stream is to improve the conditions for temporary foreign workers in Canada. By means of this program, Canadian employers can access the talents that are internationally recognized. By participating in the program, employers will be able to save on costs as well as save their reputation by eliminating the risk of hiring offenders. As a result of this program, Canadian employers have more time to focus on creating new jobs for Canadians instead of focusing on recruitment and hiring overseas.

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