NYC Speeding Ticket Defense


NYC Speeding Ticket Defense
In order to fight a NY NYC Speeding Ticket Defense avoid points on your record and increased insurance premiums, you must first decide whether to contest the charge. The first step is to carefully read the ticket to understand what you are being charged with. Once you have done so, it is a good idea to consider hiring an experienced traffic lawyer to handle your case.

Once you decide to fight your ticket, it is important to collect any evidence that can support your case including photos, witness statements, and documentation of emergency situations that may have justified your speeding. Ultimately, it is the judge who will decide your fate. The decision will be based on the totality of the evidence presented.

Defend Your Speeding Ticket: NYC Speeding Ticket Defense Options

It is critical to remember that the judge or hearing officer is not your ally and they are there to be a neutral arbiter of the facts and law. For this reason, you must carefully review all of the evidence and arguments that will be presented by both sides and prepare to answer any questions that may come your way. The judge has the burden to prove that you were speeding, so you must attack each of the five elements of a New York speeding violation (speed, location, vehicle, and officer observations). Defending each of these elements is crucial in your case’s success. If you can convince the judge that at least one of these elements are lacking, you have a great chance of getting your NYC speeding ticket dismissed.

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