Orbot Vibe Floor Machine

orbot vibe floor machine

Orbot Vibe Floor Machine – Ideal for Low Moisture Cleaning

The orbot vibe floor machine is a versatile floor care machine that can clean, scrub, sand and polish many different types of floors such as concrete, wood, vinyl, carpet, stone and tile. It’s patented dual action orbital system generates powerful agitation for all professional deep and interim cleaning, scrubbing, grinding, stripping and polishing applications.

Orbots patented drive system incorporates thousands of small 3/4″ orbits that spin at 1725 oscillations per minute while rotating 360 degrees around the motor shaft at 80 rpm. This dual action delivers superior results for professional floor scrubbing, cleaning, sanding and grinding applications.

Revolutionize Your Floor Cleaning with the Orbot Vibe Machine: A Comprehensive Review

For scrubbing concrete surfaces such as school hallways, patios and high traffic areas, the Orbot Vibe scrubs and removes grease and grime in seconds without the use of harsh chemicals. Orbital actions combined with the brush and weight kit break down dirt and grime in a matter of seconds allowing very little water to be used leaving concrete floors clean and dry in minutes.

Stripping Wax from VCT, Vinyl & Wood Floors

Orbot’s unique orbital actions break down wax instantly allowing very little water to be used to strip it off of hard to reach surfaces such as VCT, vinyl and wood floors. This saves time and money compared to traditional methods of stripping, while also helping to conserve water. This helps keep the environment safe by reducing the use of chemicals that are harmful to people and animals.

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