Passover Programs


Pesach is a time of family and community – but it’s also a lot of work! Getting ready for Passover involves weeks of cleaning, cooking and shopping. Thankfully, Passover Programs are available to help turn this lengthy to-do list into a vacation that is unique and memorable.

These programs offer kosher accommodations, minyanim, shiurim, Shabbos meals and more. They also usually include all excursions and activities in the program fee, including day trips to local attractions, a full Jewish history tour and even skiing lift tickets in the mountains! Many programs will also have separate boys and girls day camps – Pirchei and Bnos style – and evening entertainment on chol hamoed with known performers. Check out

Kashrut is another big factor in selecting a program. The operators of the programs work with hotel and resort chefs to ensure that all the food served during the week of Passover is kosher for Passover. They also ensure that the kitchens are completely free of any leavened products – or chametz – prior to the holiday.

Passover Programs for Wellness: Relax, Renew, and Recharge

Some programs even provide a mashgiach to supervise the facility. These mashgichim oversee everything from the food preparation to the cleaning of all the equipment and supplies in the kitchen. The mashgiach is there to ensure that the hotel and resort are following strict kosher guidelines for Passover. Many of the programs will serve gebrochts and kitniyot during the week of Passover but there are plenty of options for those that don’t want to eat these items.

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