Rezum BPH Treatment Canada

Rezum BPH Treatment Canada

In recent years, there has been a significant advancement in surgical innovation for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The American Urological Association Guidelines now recommend the use of 2 minimally invasive treatments with a high rate of symptom improvement and low retreatment rates – Rezum therapy and Prostatic Urethral Lift. [2]

Rezum BPH Treatment Canada invasive procedure that uses water-vapor to reduce prostate size and relieve symptoms. The procedure is performed out of hospital without general anesthesia. Patients typically return home in a few days with improved urinary function. The FDA-approved procedure has been shown to improve symptom scores, urinary flow, and quality of life in men with an enlarged prostate. It also provides a clinically meaningful improvement in IPSS compared to other TURP procedures that require the use of a catheter and are associated with a higher rate of complications, including erectile dysfunction.

The Rezum water vapor treatment works by applying steam directly into the swollen prostate tissue to ablate the prostate, releasing pressure on the urethra and allowing normal urine flow. It is a good alternative to pharmaceutical treatments and invasive surgeries such as TURP. The treatment has a low list of short term side effects and is generally well tolerated by men.

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If you are tired of the discomfort, incontinence, and other negative symptoms caused by enlarged prostate, contact Southland Urology to learn more about the Rezum procedure. Our urologists can help you find the best solution for your needs and provide long lasting relief from symptoms of BPH.

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