Slumber Teepee Party in Sutherland Shire

After my latest party with my son, we had a great discussion about a Slumber Tiny Teepees party in Sutherland Shire. I wondered if we could get some in our community. There are many stores in Blenheim and surrounding areas that offer these. They also sell them online and in catalogues for those who can’t seem to find them in stores. The stores are generally small but they do have some fun activities planned for the children to keep them busy and amused.

Slumber Teepee Party Ideas For Your Sutherland Shire

We planned on playing a game of miniature golf which was a hit with my son. Then we moved on to the game of pass the word. This was a game that we all enjoyed and I’m sure there are many other games that you can come up with to keep the children at the party busy for quite some time.

For our last game of the day we decided to play Pin the Diaper on the Baby. Once again we were a hit! Everyone seemed to really enjoy this game and we were even joined by my sister who brought a baby diaper pin for us to pin on the baby! Now that is a game that we will definitely be playing again. So, think on this next Slumber Teepee party in Sutherland Shire.

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