The Risks of Mail Order Marijuana

Mail Order Marijuana is when individuals order and receive weed through the post. This includes bud, edibles and concentrates. It works just like purchasing a sweater or sneakers online. Just find the shop you want to buy from, select your product and hit checkout. Some online vendors even offer a secure, discreet and safe way to pay through Interac e-transfer. URL

This allows you to stay under the radar of law enforcement as you avoid using cash or credit cards that are linked to your bank account, since cannabis is still federally illegal. But it’s not without risks. One of the most significant is that if you’re caught by law enforcement officials who conduct routine searches of mail, they will seize your package. They’ll also arrest you if they think it contains illegal drugs. The more you have in your package and the larger it is, the more likely you are to get busted.

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And this is a risk even in states where marijuana is legal. In fact, a study published this year found that up to two million people every month search online for “mail order marijuana.” Often times, these searches lead to retailers who promise delivery via the United States Postal Service, commercial parcel companies or private couriers. These retailers occupy half of the first page of Google searches. They are a huge temptation to anyone looking for marijuana. Ultimately, it’s not worth the legal and logistical risks to try this method of buying and selling.

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