Types of Vape Kits You Can Use

The newest thing that is taking the market by storm is the Vape Kit. These vaporizer mods are gaining in popularity as every day goes by. This is due to the fact that they are the best way to try different flavors and different types of liquids without having to make a solid investment. With the cost of real cigarettes rising on the horizon, the Vape Kit allows people to be able to start experimenting with all sorts of different flavors at a very low cost. There are a few different kinds of starter kits out there but the two main types are the Cloud Mist and the Melorine Kit.

How to Vape Kits You Can Use

These two different starter kits allow users to get started with the entire vaporizing process at home. All that is needed for most vaporizers are some pre-filled wicks, an atomizer, a high quality glass jar or bottle and of course some batteries. When you use the standard nicotine level wick you can expect to give off a very flavorful vapor but there is no taste at all. Once you have used your new Vaporizer Kit for a while you will notice that the flavor does improve and you can now use the flavors that you have always enjoyed.

The second type of vaporizer kits are the Cloud Mist and the Melorine Kit. These two different vaporizer kits differ in that the Cloud Mist uses clear e liquid and the Melorine uses a hybrid formula. This gives them two different bases to work from. The Cloud Mist makes use of some clear e liquid and some blueberry juice that is blended with a touch of water to create their signature smooth e liquid vapor. On the other hand the Melorine uses a melange formula which gives it its distinctive smell and flavor.

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