Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse-Flooring are some of the toughest commercial environments and they need flooring that is hard-wearing and able to support heavy loads for 24 hours a day. A poorly designed floor can damage your material handling equipment and wreak havoc on operations. A well-designed industrial floor can last for years and reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

The best flooring for warehouses is a durable concrete or epoxy finish. Both are ideal for high-traffic areas. Polished concrete has the added benefit of providing a safe, non-slip surface. It also resists tire marks from forklift trucks, vehicles, industrial hoppers and parts baskets that can cause damage to other flooring systems.

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Epoxy is a highly customizable flooring solution that can be engineered to resist any type of pressure including those of heavy machinery. It is also resistant to chemicals and varying temperatures. It is a perfect choice for pharmaceutical, food and beverage and chemical storage.

Both polished concrete and epoxy floors are available in a variety of color options to enhance your warehouse and make it more visually appealing for visitors or customers. They can be customized further with acid-based or water-based stains.

The best way to determine what flooring is right for your warehouse is to discuss your needs with a professional and experienced concrete floor contractor. They will provide inspiration and guidance to help you choose the flooring that will work best for your space. Their expertise will also ensure the quality of installation and long-term performance of your warehouse floor.

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