What Are Wet Pour Surfaces?

Wet Pour Surfaces

Wet Pour Surfaces are made from a combination of EPDM rubber granules combined with a polyurethane binder and laid onto an existing tarmac, concrete or MOT type 1 stone base. They are highly impact-absorbing, ideal for playgrounds, and can be laid in a wide range of colors and designs.

Wetpour surfaces are highly durable and hardwearing, requiring very little maintenance. They can be easily cleaned using a combination of mild detergent and water, or a specialist rubber cleaning chemical. If the surface becomes damaged, we can provide a variety of repair kits that contain materials to patch up any holes or areas of wear.

The Environmental Impact of Wet Pour Surfaces: A Sustainable Choice

This type of surface is widely used in school playgrounds, as it can offer enhanced safety levels and can cushion any falls, minimizing injury. However, it is not restricted to schools and nurseries, and can also be installed in a variety of other locations such as outside gyms, recreational parks, multi-use games areas (MUGAs), and domestic gardens.

The surfacing can be laid at different depths depending on the critical fall height of any play equipment, and can even incorporate a soft rubber base layer for added shock absorption. It can be laid at a range of different colors, and is highly flexible to ensure the surfacing fits around any shape or configuration of play equipment. It can be designed to meet all current British and European playground safety standards. The surface is fully drainable and can be installed over porous asphalt or a reinforced stone base layer.

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