What is a 5g Pitch?

5g pitch

A 5g astroturf is a sports surface that has been designed using 4th generation artificial AstroTurf (or third generation synthetic turf as it’s officially known) which features a mix of sand and rubber crumb infill. These types of surfaces offer a much better roll and bounce of the ball across the surface encouraging technically superior play as well as making it more weather resilient so that matches can be played on in a wider range of conditions without any postponements.

It’s also designed to be safer than natural grass and so reduces the risk of injury, especially knee injuries. This has helped to boost the popularity of these types of surfaces at schools, colleges and universities around the country and even in the professional leagues where it’s widely used.

The Future of Football: Unleashing the Potential of 5G Pitches”

These pitches are designed to use a specialised fibre infill which contains recycled end of life car tyres (or as they’re more commonly known, ‘crumb rubber’). In the USA alone it’s estimated that over 10 million end of life tyres get shredded each year and re-purposed for things like synthetic surfaces, playing fields and other applications including the production of sports surfacing.

This is a big deal as it’s an extremely environmentally friendly way to recycle waste and help cut emissions and other pollutants from the manufacturing process. Additionally, the fact that these pitches are so durable means they’ll last a lot longer than their natural counterparts too meaning that they will require fewer repairs and replacements which can add up to quite a significant cost.

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