Window Sticker by VIN

When a car is brand new, it comes with a window sticker by vin that gives you the full rundown of its factory equipment and pricing. These labels, also known as Monroney labels, are mandatory under federal law and are meant to help consumers make informed decisions about their vehicle purchases. They also provide a valuable record for when the car is sold used, allowing potential buyers to see how much it was originally worth and helping them compare vehicles on the market.

Unlock Your Vehicle’s History: Free Window Sticker Lookup by VIN

You can get a window sticker by VIN from several different sources. One way is to contact the dealership where your car was originally purchased and request a copy. If they don’t have it, you can try contacting the port facility that shipped the car to that dealership or searching online for a company that can produce an original window sticker for any make and model.

In addition to providing a detailed listing of the factory-installed options, these stickers will also include important information such as the Environmental Protection Agency’s estimate for fuel economy (measured in miles per gallon or gas equivalent, based on the type of engine). They will also provide a list of any additional charges, which is often called a dealer market adjustment, and must be disclosed by law. You can also find these details in a vehicle history report from companies like AutoCheck and Carfax, which may include the original window sticker in their reports.

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